Judge Dr. Tijana Šurlan

Tijana Šurlan, née Popović, was born in Belgrade in 1972. She graduated from the Fifth Belgrade Grammar School in 1991 and from the Faculty of Law of Belgrade University in 1996 with a 9.17 GPA. She received her master degree in 2001 and doctoral degree from that university as well, graduating summa cum laude in 2010.

After graduation, she worked at the Nedić-Pilipović law firm, and later at the Police Academy in 1997, as an assistant–intern in International Public Law and International Relations. She was appointed as docent at the Academy of Criminalistics and Police Studies (CPA) in 2010, for International Public Law, and became an associate professor in 2015. In addition to her main subject, she also lectured on Human Rights and International Human Rights.

She gave lectures as an expert at the Koča Popović  Diplomatic Academy, a department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, as well as at the Forum for Diplomacy and International Affairs of the Faculty of Law of Belgrade University and at the Regional Academy of the United Nations. She took part in lectures organised at the CPA in collaboration with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, with the US Department of Justice (ICITAP). She presented lectures as a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Crime and Public Administration of Lausanne University in February and May 2016.

She was Associate Dean of the CPA, in charge of the second level and also responsible for international collaboration from May 2015 – December 2016. She is on the editorial team of several magazines and collections and has taken part in a number of international and national conferences and clinics. She has published a number of books and articles, including International Public Law, which she co-authored with Prof. Dr. Milenko Kreća.

She served as advisor to the Republic Public Prosecutor for War Crimes in the case of the Gnjilane group in 2012-2013. She participated as a member of a working group in drafting the Law on Removing the Consequences of Deprivation of Property of holocaust victims without living legal heirs.

She is a member of the Serbian International Law Association, the Serbian branch of the International Law Association (ILA), as well as the European Society for International Law, based in Florence.

She speaks, reads and writes in English and Russian and can read French.

She was appointed a Constitutional Court Judge in December 2016.


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