Sudija Sabahudin Tahirović
Judge Sabahudin Tahirović


Sabahudin Tahirović was born in Nova Varos, on 30 October 1963. He graduated from Sarajevo Faculty of Law in 1988 and passed his bar examination in Belgrade in 1997. He was appointed an expert associate with the Municipal Court in 2001. On July 10, 2003 he was elected judge of the Municipal Court in Nova Varos. At a seminar held in Prague on August 2-13, 2004, which was organized by the CEELI Institute, he obtained a license for human rights trainer. He holds a family law certificate which he earned in 2010.
Against the Supreme Judicial Council’s decision, he was elected a judge of the High Court in Novi Sad where he handled cases in the civil law field under complete jurisdiction of the High Court.

At the President of the Republic proposal, he was elected judge of the Constitutional Court by the National Assembly in July 2010.

His judicial function ended on 27 Јuly 2019, when his term of office expired.

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