The Library of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia

Library of the Constitutional Court of The Republic of Serbia started to work after the Court has been established. In 2002, Belgrade City Library listed it in the Register of Specialized Libraries. It has also been registered in the Central Register of the National Library of Serbia.

According to the profile of its collections, the Library of the Constitutional Court belongs to the family of specialized law libraries. The library is in charge of collecting, storing, cataloguing and offering for use literature from different branches of law with special regard to constitutional legislation. The Library of the Constitutional Court is in possession of a large collection of monographs, serial publications, collections of papers, and it also has an electronic database of legal acts.

The Constitutional Court Library owns a valuable collection of legal acts issued in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Constitutional Court Library cooperates with the head office of Belgrade City Library, National Library of Serbia and other libraries of similar profile.

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