Judge Prof. Dr. Dragan M. Stojanovic
Judge Dr. Dragan M. Stojanovic

Dragan M. Stojanovic was born in Nis, in 1954. He graduated from the Nis Faculty of Law in 1976 where he worked from 1977-2007. At Nis Faculty of Law, he defended his LL.M thesis entitled “Constitutional and Judicial Protection of Self-Governmental Rights” and the doctorial thesis entitled “Fundamental Human Rights under the European Constitution and the SFRY Constitution”, the first one in 1983 and the second one in 1988.

He was appointed Assistant Professor of the constitutional law in 1989 and became a Full Professor in 1999. In addition to this subject, he lectures on human rights. He is head of the Department of Public Law at the Nis Faculty of Law. He is the author of several monographs and textbooks in the field of constitutional law as well as numerous scientific and expert papers in the field of comparative constitutional law, human rights, parliamentary rights, electoral system, local self-government and constitutional judiciary.

He was appointed as Constitutional Court Judge in December 2007.

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