Judge Dr. Bosa Nenadic


Bosa Nenadić was born in 1953 in Grkovci, Bosansko Grahovo. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, Belgrade University, in 1976, where she also acquired her doctoral degree in constitutional law in 1986. She passed the state exam and the bar examination. She stayed in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, on a number of study visits.

For more than twenty-five years she has been performing the most complex legislative and legal functions. For instance, she held the posts of Federal Legislation Assistant Secretary, Judiciary and Administration Secretary, Federal Legislation Deputy Secretary and Federal Legislation Secretary. She was head of a number of expert teams and groups for drafting laws and international agreements. At the Comparative Law Institute she acquired the title of Senior Expert Associate.

She has written two monographies and a number of papers, prevailingly in the field of constitutional law (constitutionality and legality, constitutional judiciary, realisation and protection of human rights and freedoms, organisation of public authority, parliamentarian law, electoral law, etc.). Her papers have been published in scientific and expert legal periodicals, in the country and abroad, in a number of foreign languages (French, Russian, German, English, Spanish, Hungarian, etc.). She presented her papers at numerous national, regional and international congresses and conferences. She has been invited and given lectures at national and foreign faculties of law, at graduate and post graduate level of studies.

She was Chair of the Serbian Constitutional Law Association, and now she is president emeritus of this association. She is a member of the European Constitutional Law Forum, Serbian Lawyers' Association Presidency, and the Managing Board of Business Lawyers.

In June 2002 she was appointed as Constitutional Court Judge for the first time. At the President of the Republic proposal, the National Assembly re-appointed her as Constitutional Court Judge in November 2007.

She was President of the Constitutional Court from 2007 to 2010.

She is fluent in French and Russian.

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