Judge Prof. Dr. Olivera Vucic
Judge Dr. Olivera Vucic

Olivera Vučić, PhD, a Full Professor in constitutional law at the Belgrade Faculty of Law, Belgrade University, was born in 1953 in Belgrade. She finished the Fifth Belgrade Grammar school as the best student in her class, and graduated with honours from the Belgrade Faculty of Law, Belgrade University. This is where she acquired her academic titles and defended master and doctoral theses (cum laude), after which she received further professional training at academic institutions and research institutes throughout Europe and Canada. Thus she studied at law schools in Poznan, Cracow, Warsaw (Poland), the Social Studies Institute in The Hague (the Netherlands); the Goethe Institute at Gottingen (Germany); the Criminal and Administrative Law Institute (Vienna, Austria) and the Law School of Ottawa University (Canada).

Having defended the doctoral thesis “Austrian constitutional justice – guardian of the federation and the constitution”, she wrote numerous papers on constitutional law, taking part in many symposiums, in the country and abroad, as well as at international congresses in Paris, Tokyo, Athens, Cape Town, Košice, Brazil; she also actively participated in the region, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia. When invited by the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (HAZU), she presented an introductory national report “Constitution and Democracy – foreign influences and national responses”, and gave a lecture on “Citizens’ Rights Protection- the power and powerlessness of the Constitution”, when invited by the Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts (CANU).

She published and was a member of editorial team for publishing several books dealing with the subject matter of constitutional power – changes and duration of the constitution; protection of rights and constitutional justice; constitutional courts in the region - once members of the common Yugoslav state; the organisation of power. She also published more than seventy treaties, articles and scholarly papers on the parliamentary system and the principle of accountability.

In December 2007, she was appointed Constitutional Court judge of the Republic of Serbia by the National Assembly. She published numerous noted dissenting opinions in professional and scientific periodicals. Among them, one that was received as particularly important by the public, was a collection of dissenting opinions which represent substantiated by arguments dispute of positions taken by the Constitutional Court when deciding on judicial reform conducted in Serbia between 2008 and 2012.

She is a member of the Presidency of the Union of Associations of Lawyers of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, the Serbian Constitutional Law Association and the editorial board of “Politics and Society” edition. For a number of years she has been a member of the Bar Examining Committee, for the subject constitutional law and judicial organisation law. She acquired the highest level of training as mediator and authorised coach for mediation, having undergone, in pursuit of more advanced professional training, specialisation in several cities of the Netherlands.

She speaks German and English.

She is married and has two adult sons.

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