The history of the court from its foundation


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia was established on 9 April 1963 as an indepedent body of the Republic and desigated to protect constitutionality and legality in accordance with the Constitution and within the framework of the rights and duties proscribed by the Constitution of the Socialistic Republic of Serbia. The Constitutional Law of Serbia, enacted on 25 December 1963, defined jurisdiction and adjudications before the Constitutional Court of Serbia and legal effects of its decisions in a more specific manner.
The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia commenced its work on 15 February 1964. The Constitutional Court has upon proclamation of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia in 1990 acted within the framework of absence of division of powers, where the Parliament was the highest body of state power. The Constitutional Court of Serbia has through its presence and work contributed to the importance and contribution in preservation of the constitutional principles and legality.

Sala za sednice 
Constitutional Court Hall


Sala Usravnog Suda
Constitutional Court Hall (Nemanjina 26)

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